Do You Only Serve Houston?

You can live anywhere, and Houston Website Coaching will be there to coach you through your website build. As I conduct training primarily over Zoom, you’ll get the same personalized attention if you live in Ohio, Virginia, or Texas.

How Much Does WordPress Coaching Cost?

WordPress Coaching costs $1,000 and is a month-long program that gives you the data and training you need to make your website a success.

You can purchase SEO Website Blueprints by themselves without the coaching for $700. This option is geared more for people that have prior experience in building a website from scratch.

How Much Do You Charge for Web Design?

Full website design services start at $2,500, and include SEO Website Blueprints. If you have an online store, the cost could be higher if you have a lot of products.

Does the Coaching Schedule Run on a Calendar Month?
Coaching is done on a rolling basis, with students starting and stopping at different times. Your month starts when we have our first coaching session, and it’s not tied to a calendar.
What if I Don't Finish My Website in a Month?

If you’re able to spend at least 10 hours a week on your website, you should be able to complete it in a month, as most projects take around 40 hours of work to complete. That being said, if you’re not done in a month, I’ll be available for questions if you have any.

The most important thing for you as you build your website is to dedicate the time to get it done. WordPress isn’t hard, and as you learn the platform and settle into a routine, you’ll get where you want to go.

I Want to Build My Website With Wix. Can You Help Me?

Unfortunately, if you’re trying to build your website with a website builder like Wix or GoDaddy’s website builder, I won’t be able to offer the same service.

I could guide you on what makes a good website, provide SEO Website Blueprints, and help you make it look good, but I can’t train you on how to use those platforms.

How Is Training Conducted?
For the most part, training will be done over Zoom, with screen sharing if you have the bandwidth for it. If you live in the Houston area, we can meet in person anywhere you like. As long as the location has WiFi, we should be good. I’m located in downtown Houston and don’t mind traveling to any of the suburbs to meet with students.

Our training session will be recorded, so you can rewind and review as needed to make sure you’ve got it.

Will You Maintain My Site After I'm Done?

Absolutely! Basic website maintenance costs $50 / month and covers theme and plugin updates, any regulatory compliance, and security monitoring. It does not include adding pages or modifying text or images. Larger scale changes are billed at a separate rate.

When is Payment Due?

Payment is due upfront for all WordPress Coaching services. A lot of work goes into each mentoring program, and we have to have payment secured to start.

Website Design services are secured by paying half the balance when we start, and then the remaining balance when we finish.

Website Maintenance payments are due on the first of the month.

Can I Pay by Check?

We don’t accept checks as payment for any service. All billing is done electronically. I will send you an invoice and a link from PayPal so you can pay safely and securely. Click on the link and follow the steps, and you’ll be all set!

WordPress Questions

Is WordPress Hard to Learn?

WordPress is designed to be intuitive and easy to learn. If you can edit an email, you can use WordPress. WordPress uses a block editor called Gutenberg, allowing you to arrange blocks of content any way you like. Adding text can be done by typing it in the same you would on Microsoft Word. It’s easy to see the changes as you make them, and you’ll see almost instantaneous results.

WordPress makes it easy to build almost any kind of site. It’s also easy to customize and add additional features using plugins. If you can dream it, it can be done using WordPress.

Is WordPress Free?

Yes, WordPress is free. While some plugins and themes for WordPress have a cost, the WordPress software itself is free. You can also find free themes and plugins that you can install to give your site added features.

Using WordPress eliminates a lot of the monthly fees you may find on other platforms like Wix or GoDaddy. And if you want to change hosts or move your site somewhere else, you can. It’s a win-win for anyone trying to bootstrap their website project.

Is it Easy to Customize WordPress?

WordPress is designed to be customized, fitting the needs of an individual business owner. If you use a page builder like Divi, you can create almost any layout you want, and make it look exactly how you’d like.

Plugins make it possible to further personalize the experience. Want to build an online store? Use WooCommerce. Want to add SEO information to all your pages? Use Yoast. Want to make your images load faster? Use Smush. The possibilities are almost limitless.

Is WordPress Secure?

WordPress has several security features built-in, and it can be made even more secure using plugins. WordPress and the plugins you install release security updates all the time, and as long as you pay attention and keep them updated, you’ll reduce the chance of getting hacked.

When we work together, I’ll install some basic free security plugins that will help make your site more secure. You’ll benefit from having two-factor authentication that ensures only you will have access to the backend.

Why Should I Use WordPress?
You should use WordPress if you want to spend less money, and get a website that’s yours. When you set up a WordPress website, you’ll choose your own domain name and pick a host.

Aside from the monthly hosting fees you’ll pay, and the fees for any plugins or themes, you’re off the hook for any other expenses. If you’re trying to bootstrap your business, WordPress is the least expensive platform. It’s also portable. You can easily move it to any platform you like, something you can’t do with Wix or GoDaddy.

Is WordPress Hard for Beginners?

WordPress was created for beginners! WordPress emerged in the early 2000s as a platform for anyone who wanted to build their own website from scratch, without touching a single line of code. Over the years, it’s benefited from improvements that have made it even easier to use. Be assured, that the platform is designed for users of all skill levels and languages. Beginners are absolutely welcome!

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