Backend Installation & Setup

This package includes setup of your hosting, WordPress, theme installation, and any plugins you’ll need. It also includes Google Analytics and Google Search Console installation. Skip the technical set up and start building!



Basic WordPress Instruction

Get an overview of the WordPress backend and a guided tour of your chosen theme. Learn how to create posts and pages, and create customizations to your theme. I’ll also show you how to add extra functionality by installing plugins. We’ll meet twice for two hours each time, and you’ll go from knowing nothing about the platform to being ready to build your site.



Basic & Advanced WordPress Instruction

You’ll get everything included in the basic package, plus two extra sessions to get you up to speed on more advanced aspects of WordPress including setting up an online store or accepting donations. Instruction will be tailored to your specific needs, and designed to help you accomplish specific tasks.



SEO Website Blueprints

Get the essential data you need to make your new website a success! Learn what keywords you should be targeting, and get personalized blueprints to show you what pages you’ll need to build to rank as well or better than your competition. You’ll also learn what vocabulary you should target to create top-ranking content.



WordPress Coaching Services

Includes backend setup, basic and advanced WordPress training, SEO Website Blueprints, and unlimited tech support for a month while you complete your project. Each program is personalized to your business, and gives you the confidence and expertise you need to reach your goals.



Web Design Services

If you’d rather have a professional WordPress expert build a website for your brand or business from scratch, Web Design is for you. All Web Design services include SEO keyword research, analysis, and provides all the images and content needed to take your website to the next level. Costs start at $2,500 and may be more if you have a project that includes a wide product list or a lot of custom work.

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