Section One – Acceptance

 Our website address is: https://www.coachingwp.com

By using our website, you agree to our terms.

If you don’t agree to these terms, you’re not permitted to use our site.

The Fine Print - Section One

Welcome to Houston Website Coaching!

By using our website you’re agreeing to this agreement in its entirety, and your continued use of our site constitutes your acceptance of these terms. If you cannot agree with the terms specified in this agreement, you cannot use this site. Our use of the term “site” and “website” are interchangeable and they refer to this online presence located at the following address: https://www.coachingwp.com.

Keep in mind, we do reserve the right to modify any part of this agreement at any time with or without notifying our users. We’ll make every effort to let our users know our terms have changed.

Section Two – Intellectual Property


All written content, including videos, posts, and pages are ours, and ours alone. Under no circumstances may you or anyone else copy, plagiarize, or distribute our work without our permission.

Many of the images on this site are stock images that we have licensed or are royalty free, and were not created by us. If you like them and want to use them for your website, please download them directly from the website they were sourced from. For most images, we use https://www.unsplash.com.

The Fine Print - Section Two
Intellectual Property: Definition

In this instance, “our Intellectual Property” is hereby described as digital property that Houston Website Coaching is the exclusive and sole owner of. It can be assigned, transferred, distributed, destroyed or sold at our discretion.

Intellectual Property

All written content, including videos, posts, and pages are ours, and ours alone. Said content is for the use of our audience. Under no circumstances shall any person, copy, download, transmit, or otherwise redistribute or rebroadcast our intellectual property, without our permission.

Sharing on social media is the exception to this rule. Sharing is always acceptable, and is encouraged. We’ll cover sharing in the next section.

Image and Visual Intellectual Property

Most of the images on this site were sourced from 3rd party stock image websites. We did not create them and they are not a part of our intellectual property. Many of them are royalty-free. If you like the images displayed on our website and would like to use them on your website, please visit the stock image website and download them for yourself. For most images on this site, we use https://unsplash.com/. Please show courtesy to the artist and get the image from the source.

Except where noted, drawings and video content featured here are our creation and were not created by 3rd parties. Our videos are for the private consumption of our audience, and may not be plagiarized or redistributed in any way except where we provide express license, such as: sharing. Sharing a video on social media is permitted and encouraged.

We’ll cover sharing in Section Three.

Section Three – Sharing

 We encourage sharing. To that end, all site content may be shared on social media by using a hyperlink only.

Sharing by copying text or images and pasting as your own is not ok. This is plagiarism, and will not be tolerated. All shared site content must have a link back to our website, and you must not represent yourself as having created it.

The Fine Print - Section Three


In terms of this agreement, “Sharing” is defined as linking to our content on another source medium and allowing for that content to be seen on your website or social platform. Acceptable sharing is:

  • Done only using a hyperlink
  • Not copied and pasted text

No images may be shared, except what is generated automatically by social media software. Please respect the artists who created the images and use the original distribution network, instead of harvesting from our site.

Where Permissable

Under no circumstances may sharing take place on spammy or otherwise offensive sites. We reserve the right to ask you to remove any links from your site if we disapprove of how our link is used. Acceptable sites include social media sites like: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. It would also be acceptable to link to our site in a blog or other personal posting. It is never ok to use our link to promote products, or otherwise claim our work as your own.

Section Four – Your Content

 Any content you personally create for this website is yours to control, although we will remain the owner.

Most user-generated content on this site can be found in the comments. If you make your wishes regarding your content known, we will follow it, with a few exceptions.

Comments can be posted by you, edited, or deleted. If you lose access to this site, reach out, and we’ll delete an unwanted comment.

The Fine Print - Section Four
Your Content

Users may post content on this site. Except in the case of a guest post, this will take place in the form of user-generated comments. “Comments”, as defined, are written responses to posts made on this site. Comments may be posted by the user; edited, or deleted. The user has full control over comments here, and if the user is unable to delete comments, he or she may reach out to Houston Website Coaching and we will delete it for you.

Content Ownership

Despite being responsible for the creation of your content, you are not the owner. We are the sole owner of the website and all content on it, and while we will always respect your wishes with your content, you cannot license, distribute, or otherwise disseminate your content on our site without our permission.

Prohibition on Harassment

It’s impermissible to use the website as a platform to spread hate or harass other users. Harassment will not be tolerated and is grounds for dismissal and removal from the website. When harassment takes place, you lose all rights to the content, and your wishes regarding said content will not be honored. It will be deleted, and you will be ejected from the site. We’ll go over harassment more in Section 5.

Section Five – Harassment

 You can post or delete comments as you wish, but please mind your manners and do not use the commenting system to harass other users. Harassment is not tolerated.

Harassment of any user will result in getting banned from this site. You’ll forfeit your rights to your content, and it will be deleted.

The Fine Print - Section Five

Harassment: Definition

Attacking, belittling, or making sport of one’s religion, race, creed, ethnicity, color, sex, disability, gender, sexual orientation, intelligence, or political affiliation because it’s different from yours is considered harassment. Please refrain from this behavior while on our site.

Harassment: Consequences

Forefieture: Harassment will not be tolerated in any form. The penalty for harassment results in the immediate removal of harassing content from the site, and forfeiture of all rights to the content. This means your wishes will not be respected with regard to the content, and you’ll lose access. Plain and simple.

Harassment: Examples

“Harassment” is also commonly known as “trolling”, and is the attacking or belittling of another poster’s person because of the content he or she created. Harassment doesn’t need to happen more than once for content to be labeled as harassment. It can be a single occurrence.

Section Six – Limitation of Liability, Indemnification, Severability

 In no way shall, Houston Website Coaching in any way be held liable for anything arising out of your private use of this website. Our content is meant to be informative but is in no way meant to be a substitute for your best judgment. We are not responsible for any adverse effects resulting from your use of this website.

You also agree to indemnify Houston Website Coaching to the fullest extent available from and against any liabilities, costs, fees, or damages arising from your use of this website.

Should any section or clause of this agreement be found to violate State, Commonwealth, or Federal Law; we consider it stricken, null and void, and invalid while other provisions remain fully in effect.

The Fine Print - Section Six

Limitation of Liability

We are in no way liable for any outcome, result, or experience that happens to you as a result of your use of this website. This website is meant to be informational and informative, but is not a substitute for your best judgement. While we try to only make true, fair, factual, and statements that are verified and not misleading on this website, we can’t know everything about your unique circumstances or how our advice will interact with you personally. This is why our advice is meant to be checked out and vetted against your best judgment.

For these reasons Houston Website Coaching, its officers, holdings, employees, partners, or vendors cannot be held liable for any action you take based on an experience from our site.


You also agree to indemnify Houston Website Coaching to the fullest extent available from and against any liabilities, costs, fees, or damages arising from your use of this website.


We will abide by the law, and should any part of this, or any agreement or covenant made between Houston Website Coaching and You be found to violate the law, it shall be immediately rendered moot and invalid, with the remainder of the agreements on this website to continue to be in full effect.

Section Seven – Governing Law

 The laws of Texas in the United States will be used to settle disputes, as well as uphold all agreements found on this website.

The Fine Print - Section Seven

Governing Law

For the administration of the agreements and covenants found on this website, the laws of Texas and the United States shall control. Any disputes shall be resolved with Arbitration in under the jurisdiction of the laws of Texas and the United States.