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WordPress Coaching in Houston, TX
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Designed Around You

With a program tailored to your business, you’ll benefit from having the best data and the confidence to know you’re doing it right. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Ask any question, and get a quick response.
  • Customized SEO Website Blueprints to help you as you build.
  • Access to reports created with professional tools.
  • Weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions keep your project on track.
  • Professional installation of Google’s analytics software.
  • WordPress and website data training.
  • Web security overview.

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What Are SEO Website Blueprints?

What pages will you need for your website to be a success? By researching your competitors and seeing what works for them, you’ll discover what works for you.

By creating four separate reports, I’ll be able to see what your ideal site structure should be and what topics you’ll need to cover. Follow the plans and create a site that delivers the best experience for your customers and ranks higher in the search results.

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Expert WordPress Training

It’s one thing to learn how to use WordPress. It’s another to learn WordPress, how to manage it, and track your website’s progress. When you work with Houston Website Coaching, I’ll include training on basic and advanced WordPress, website data, and how to interpret it.

When we’re done, you’ll not only know how to manage the content on your site, but you’ll also have the confidence to make future decisions based on your website data.

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How to Get Started With Houston Website Coaching

Getting Started is Easy


  1. Reach out to schedule our first meeting.
  2. When we get together, tell me about your business goals, and who your competitors are.
  3. From there I’ll prepare your SEO site blueprints, and present my findings at our first coaching session.
  4. There will be training and mentoring each of the four weeks we work together. For a complete schedule see the Program Roadmap.

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What’s the Difference Between WordPress Training vs. WordPress Coaching?

WordPress Training

  • Intended for teams or large groups.
  • On-site WordPress training.
  • Doesn’t always include SEO.
  • Expensive.


WordPress Coaching

  • One-on-one coaching.
  • Trainings conducted over Zoom.
  • Includes SEO.
  • Less Expensive.

What Does WordPress Coaching Cost?

WordPress Coaching is Affordable

Here’s a breakdown of how much the program costs:

  • $1,000 for the full coaching program, which includes SEO website blueprints, WordPress training, and one-on-one WordPress mentoring.
  • $700 for just the SEO website blueprints.

The full cost of the program is due when we get started, and secures a month of WordPress mentoring and unlimited tech support. You won’t just get training on how to build your website. You’ll get training on how to track your website’s progress after it launches, so you can make your new venture a success.

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