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Hosting Resources

In order to get your WordPress website off the ground, you need to have a location online where you store your website and serve it up to any user that visits. The virtual location where you store your website files is called the “web hosting”, and along with a domain name, is absolutely essential to getting your website off the ground. You can’t have a website without it.

Here’s a collection of the best (and most affordable) hosts on the market today.



SiteGround has a reputation of being the fastest of the shared hosts, and has over 2 million domains that back up this claim. It’s also a little bit more pricey than what you’d pay with some of the other hosts, but the overall quality is worth it.


Bluehost is an inexpensive web host that has great customer support, solid hosting, and an easy-to-use backend. It’s a lot less expensive than some of the others, but it’s also not as fast. Despite the slower speed, you get a free SSL certificate included for every website you launch, which not only protects your visitors, but it may help improve your search rankings.

A2 Hosting

Voted “Best for WordPress” by PC Magazine in 2020, A2 hosting is an excellent shared and WordPress host providing fast, reliable service for the hosted domains on its servers.


Flywheel is great hosting that pairs with a proprietary local development environment that makes it possible to push your project from your desktop to the web. It also has partnered with Elegant Themes and Divi to be one of the select few hosts offering Divi Hosting (SiteGround also has Divi Hosting). Divi Hosting is optimized for the Divi WordPress them and provides the best experience.

Design Resources

In this list, I’ve included some helpful design software as well as some free resources you can use to make your website look professional. All of these tools are free, and learning to use them can make the difference as you complete your project.



If you’re building a website, you need to be able to edit the images you’re using before putting them on your website. The gold-standard for editing images for your website is Photoshop, but if you can’t afford this tool, GIMP is a great free-to-download alternative. It can do everything Photoshop can do, and it has the tools you need to make your site look great.

Local by Flywheel

If you don’t want to launch your site until it’s complete, installing a local environment on your Mac or Windows desktop is the solution. There, you can build your creation privately and launch it only when you’re ready. Local is free software that pairs with Flywheel hosting. If you don’t want to host your site with Flywheel, you can use the All-in-One WP Migration Plugin to export your entire site and upload it to any host you want.


Give your PC or Mac access to premium design quality fonts—for free! Download fonts from DaFont, and easily install them on your PC or Mac. You can instantly use them in GIMP as you design graphics for your site, or use them in your Microsoft Office applications. It’s that easy! Once you start adding new fonts, you won’t be able to stop.

Web Tools

Goolge Color Picker

Even if you’re just scratching the surface with web development, you’ll need to use a color picker pretty early on. Color pickers provide the computer code you’ll need to tell certain elements of your site what color to use. That’s what this tool is for. Simply scroll through the palate and find the color you want to use, then extract the code by copying and pasting into your site.


Want to use a tool like Wix logo maker, but don’t want to use Wix? Logomakr has you covered. This easy-to-use tool lets you create a custom logo for your brand, and then export the logo for your use. It’s free, but requires that you credit the site for your creation.

Google Fonts

Want to add high-quality fonts to your website for free? Google Fonts is your ticket. Browse through hundreds of professional-quality fonts and find the one for your brand. If you’re using it with WordPress, you’ll have to take an extra step to get it onto your website, but it’s not that hard. If you want, I can install it for you when we start WordPress coaching.

Google Maps

Key in an address, and Google Maps will generate a map showing the location. You can embed the map on your site, showing your visitors where your storefront or office is located.

Google Docs

I use Google Docs to pre-write my blog posts and website copy before I put it on my website. It’s a free, cloud-based alternative to using something like Microsoft Word or Office 365. It keeps my web content organized and in one place.


Grammarly is a browser plugin that checks the spelling and grammar of everything you write online. It also pairs nicely with Google Docs, auto-correcting things as you type. It will even work inside of WordPress, catching costly mistakes before you hit Update. Like the other tools listed here, Grammarly is free (for the basic version). If you can afford it, the Premium version is worth the extra coin, as it contains checkers for passive voice and other advanced grammar mistakes you may otherwise miss.

Web Data

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is web-based software that can tell you how your visitors are using your site. Google Analytics tells you what pages your users visited, how long they were there, and where they came from. It can also give you real-time access to what goals were completed, what products were purchased, and what links were clicked on. Of course, Google Analytics can do much more than just tracking these simple benchmarks, and you’ll get training on how to use it when you sign up for WordPress coaching.

Google Search Console

How are you appearing in the search results? How are people finding you on Google? Google Search Console can tell you this and so much more. Google Search Console is one of the programs that you’ll get pre-installed on your website as part of your personalized WordPress coaching program.

Free Stock Image Websites


Unsplash provides professionally shot and edited high-quality images most web developers use to build professional-looking websites. Searching and downloading is easy, and once you have the image, you can use it on your WordPress website.


Find free photos and videos for use on your website or in your next project. Downloading is easy, and it’s free to use.


Free stock images to help make your website shine! Pixabay has almost two million images to choose from, and is a great resource to use as you build out your next project.